While we are here on Earth, it is easy to assume that what we see is all there is and becomes our reality. So it is very easy to forget that “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, We are spiritual beings having a human experience”. Teilhard de Chardin

Our physical bodies are really just the “house” for our spirit /soul to accomplish whatever it came to do. This “house” grows and changes as our spirit experiences life. Throughout life, from birth to childhood to adulthood to seniority, there are so many moments of transition, of passing through and letting go. Each gives us the opportunity to bring spirituality and the ability to find out who we are. This is different from religion which brings a firm set of traditions and beliefs.

It is hard to understand that death is just a major transition for your loved one and also for you and your family. For your loved one who has passed, the transition of leaving physical form is actually a liberation, a homecoming and a remembrance as they return to their natural state of being.
However, for those of us that were left behind, it is usually much more devastating. Even when we have the chance to say good-bye, feel prepared and know this is a blessing for the person passing, it still hurts deeply. As we move through the different stages of grief and since this is a time of growth, the process becomes more spiritual.

In healing our grief, it is important that the relationship with your loved one be clarified and redefined. You are invited to slow down and go inward. Whether through prayer, journaling or other means, you have the chance to confront issues that may have occurred and release them. You get to choose the memories you want to keep and discard the rest.
There are times when we are acutely reminded of our loved one and it catches us off balance. This is normal. Sometimes, it is our loved one communicating with you.

Remember, your loved one is still around, just the physical form they were “housed” in is gone. Their spirit has moved to a higher vibration and still able to play a part in your life. Sometimes, this is difficult to understand because as humans we want to touch and feel. As you move through the healing process and the deeper, heavier grief starts to transmute into a lighter feeling, even though you won’t be able to touch them – you’ll be able to feel them.

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Grief is a natural response to losing a loved one. Your emotional response is very personal and takes time.  Healing happens gradually; it can’t be forced or hurried.  What is important is that whatever your experience is, you need to be patient with yourself and allow your heart to follow the course that is best for you.
Since we all grieve differently, how we grieve depends on many factors – the impact the person had on your life, the way you express yourself, your coping skills and belief systems and so much more.  We can go through sadness, fear, guilt, anger and disbelief while others have come to terms more easily. Even though grief is an emotional response, we can be physically challenged from the loss.
As different as each person’s path in grief is, so is their path to healing.  There are many ways to help the process of healing along.  Lean on your friends and family.  Support groups can be a great help.  Bottling up the sadness and pain isn’t healthy.  Allow yourself the down time to feel your emotions and face your feelings.  Do it your way.  Don’t let anyone tell you what you should feel or how to feel.
Also, doing something to honor your loved one can be helpful.  It can make you feel closer to them.  There are so many ways to honor someone – from creating a memorial website to planting trees.  My favorite is creating a tangible personalized memorial bookmark.  I found it to be so comforting, that I started to help others honor their loved ones with a line of personalized laminated bookmarks.
For some people, the healing starts as you look at all the selections of borders, symbols and poems we offer.   Megan S. of Atlanta wrote us, “When my sister asked me to work with her in creating our Dad’s bookmark, I resisted.  I thought it would hurt too much.  I found it to be the opposite.  As we went through the selections, we remembered some wonderful family stories that had been forgotten.  We laughed and we cried as we created a bookmark that fits our Dad. “
Some people feel closer to their loved one.  “Six months ago, you made bookmarks for my husband, Robert’s passing.  I use mine when I read at night.  Sometimes, I just sit and talk to the bookmark.  I am not sure why but it makes me feel closer to him.  I just thought you should know your bookmarks make a difference.”   Betty W, Little Rock, AR
For some it is a continuance of family as Sharon M. of Covington, LA told me.  “I read to my little girl every night and use the bookmark you made of my father.  At the end of each night, Sadie says ‘night, night, PopPop’ and kisses the bookmark.  She would not know about her grandfather if it weren’t for the bookmark.  Now she asks me to tell her about him.  She knows he is watching over us.”
As you have read, healing comes in many forms.  I hear all the time about how our Memorial Bookmarks bring healing and solace to families.  We would love to bring that to your family.  Visit and allow us to help you honor your loved one.

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What our customers say

  • I received one of your memorial bookmarks as a gift after my mother passed away. This bookmark is a wonderful tribute to my mother. It has been a great way to help my family with the grieving process. These bookmarks are truly a treasured keepsake.
    Jana P Windham, NH
  • Sending out the custom designed bookmark commemorating our 50th class reunion was a big hit! A lot of people said the bright colorful themed bookmark put a smile on their face. We met our goal of providing a unique and meaningful keepsake. Thank you for all your help.
    Sandy H Flower Mound, TX
  • Your wonderful selection of wedding bookmark themes may it easy to find something we liked. We wanted to do something a little different to commemorate our daughters wedding and give everyone something they could use. With your help, we created a wonderful bookmark. Thank you.
    Sharon R Long Branch, NJ
  • I received the bookmarks in the mail. I am very happy with them. I really appreciate your help in being able to word it in my own way. The funeral director we had totally rushed us and I hated the way he wrote it. All of us are very pleased with the ones from you.
    Sandy M Sandwich, MA
  • I have ordered memorial bookmarks for a second time upon the multiple requests of family members. These bookmarks stand the test of time and are on the desks, refrigerators, as well as used as, bookmarks for all of us. The service is superb, the staff willing to take the time to deliver exactly what you want. Highly recommend "bookmarking" this website!!!
    Teri R Windham, NH
  • When my sister asked me to work with her in creating our Dads bookmark, I resisted. I thought it would hurt too much. I found it to be the opposite. As we went through the selections, we remembered some wonderful family stories that had been forgotten. We laughed and we cried as we created a bookmark that fits our Dad.
    Megan S. Atlanta, GA