Bookmarks for Pet Memorials

Bookmarks for Pet Memorials

We all love our pets. They are members of our family. These bookmarks include the text with a photo, a border on both sides and a poem.

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Samples shown are reduced, size based on announcement and photo, average sizes 2.5" x 8" or 3" by 9"

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  • 6-20 bookmarks$4 each
  • 21-50 bookmarks$3.85 each
  • 51-100 bookmarks$3.65 each
  • 101 or more bookmarks$3.35 each
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  • 6-20 bookmarks$5.00
  • 51 or more bookmarks$10.00

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  • Package #4: 10 bookmarks
  • Package #5: 15 bookmarks
  • Package #6: 25 bookmarks
  • Package #7: 50 bookmarks
  • Package #8: 75 bookmarks
  • Package #9: 100 bookmarks

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What our customers say

  • I received one of your memorial bookmarks as a gift after my mother passed away. This bookmark is a wonderful tribute to my mother. It has been a great way to help my family with the grieving process. These bookmarks are truly a treasured keepsake.
    Jana P Windham, NH
  • Sending out the custom designed bookmark commemorating our 50th class reunion was a big hit! A lot of people said the bright colorful themed bookmark put a smile on their face. We met our goal of providing a unique and meaningful keepsake. Thank you for all your help.
    Sandy H Flower Mound, TX
  • Your wonderful selection of wedding bookmark themes may it easy to find something we liked. We wanted to do something a little different to commemorate our daughter’s wedding and give everyone something they could use. With your help, we created a wonderful bookmark. Thank you.
    Sharon R Long Branch, NJ
  • I received the bookmarks in the mail. I am very happy with them. I really appreciate your help in being able to word it in my own way. The funeral director we had totally rushed us and I hated the way he wrote it. All of us are very pleased with the ones from you.
    Sandy M Sandwich, MA
  • I have ordered memorial bookmarks for a second time upon the multiple requests of family members. These bookmarks stand the test of time and are on the desks, refrigerators, as well as used as, bookmarks for all of us. The service is superb, the staff willing to take the time to deliver exactly what you want. Highly recommend "bookmarking" this website!!!
    Teri R Windham, NH
  • When my sister asked me to work with her in creating our Dad’s bookmark, I resisted. I thought it would hurt too much. I found it to be the opposite. As we went through the selections, we remembered some wonderful family stories that had been forgotten. We laughed and we cried as we created a bookmark that fits our Dad.
    Megan S. Atlanta, GA