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It’s about you, your family and friends. . .

It’s about you, your family and friends. . .

By opening your heart and mind, you create a lasting keepsake.  With the help of our wide selections of borders, symbols, graphics and poems, you design a heart-warming laminated bookmark that lasts a lifetime. From finding (or creating) a special border or symbol to having a special layout to include several photos, our customers let us know that they appreciate our personal customer service because we help them design a bookmark that fits their vision.  You receive a proof for approval before we print. This allows you to make any changes and/or corrections to spelling or date errors and in rare cases a different border because it didn’t look quite right. Our Memorial Bookmarks bring solace and healing energy while our celebration bookmarks remind us of the joy of those special moments we share. These bookmarks are a pure reflection of the love you’ll want to share with your friends and family. Browse around our gallery for ideas and see our work! Read what our customers say in the testimonials.

Why Choose Us. . .

You design your bookmark, from choosing the graphics to the information you provide.
Easy to create from our wide selection of borders, symbols and poems.
You receive a proof to approve before we finalize the order and print. No extra charge for any proof changes.
If you need a special border, or symbol custom created, we can do that for you!
Also, if you want to arrange your selections differently than what we normally do, we can do that as well!
All bookmarks are laminated for durability and corners are rounded. Also, we incorporate Reiki-like healing energy into every bookmark.
We guarantee you will love your bookmark, or we will refund your money back guaranteed.
Lastly, our goal is to provide you with the bookmark that celebrates and honors your loved ones and events the way you want.

About Celebrating Life Bookmarks. . .

Since 1998, HD Merrimack has been the leading outsource provider of Memorial and Celebration Bookmarks to newspapers across the United States.

It all started  when Harlyene Goss  saw a laminated obituary from the company, Permanent Record, in Tennessee. They were the originators of laminated obituary bookmarks in 1956. Harlyene was intrigued by the idea and felt with the use of computers; she could offer a much broader selection making each Memorial Bookmark unique to the individual person and family.

Having no money to advertise the Memorial Bookmarks, Harlyene went to newspapers to see if they would add the bookmarks as a service to the obituaries.  In time, the newspapers asked her to develop a line of Celebration Bookmarks.  The combination of these is what you see in the Celebrating Life Bookmarks.

During this time, Harlyene was also going through a major loss in her life and was looking for any type of coping skills and healing tools. This propelled her into the area of energy healing. Finding a great deal of benefit in doing this energy work, she decided that it needed to be incorporated into the bookmarks.

Every bookmark has an intended energy, whether it be of healing and solace for families or the remembrance of joy. We put a part of our heart into every bookmark we make.

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